Easily visualize framing lumber and structural panel composite pricing with a complimentary poster
Digital and print options available*

A sleek 19x25 chart tracking the Framing Lumber Composite Price. The flip side tracks the Structural Panel Composite Price for the same period. The chart also pinpoints events that shaped the markets since the beginning of 2008. This chart is updated every two years. 

Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price
The framing lumber composite price is designed as a broad measure of price movement in the lumber market. The composite price is a weighted average of 15 key framing lumber prices. Prices are $ per thousand board feet. 

Random Lengths Structural Panel Composite Price
The structural panel composite price is a broad measure of price movement in structural panel markets. The revised composite is a weighted average of 11 key panel items. Prices are $ per thousand square feet.

*Print posters are 19x25inch and will be mailed in February 2020. When deciding on quantity, note that the poster is double-sided, lumber on one side and panel on the back. If you want to display both lumber and panel on your wall, you will need two posters. Limit: 2 per customer

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