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See what's next for the world’s largest importer of logs and woodfiber
The 6th edition of the China Timber Supply Outlook shows you:

  • China’s Timber Supply Deficit

    • Historical trends in China’s need for imported woodfiber, in the form of logs, lumber, wood panels, woodchips and pulp
    • Drivers of demand for wood products and pulp
    • Analysis and forecast of timber supply deficit to 2022 and 2027

  • Price Trends for Imports

    • Historical average prices for imports of softwood and hardwood logs, softwood and hardwood lumber, woodchips and wood pulp

  • Analysis of China’s Imported Woodfiber Supply Chain

    • Overview of China’s total forest products trade, including trends in trade balance by product group
    • Import volumes by supplying countries of all key products, with at least ten-year history
    • Includes softwood and hardwood logs, softwood and hardwood lumber, wood panels (plywood, MDF, particleboard, and OSB), and wood pulp
    • Exports from China of wood panels, wooden furniture and flooring
  • Review of China’s Domestic Forest Resources

    • Outlook for domestic timber harvest trends, which will dictate continued reliance on imported timber and related products
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