Forecasts and analysis of demand, supply, and trade in softwood sawlogs, lumber, and plywood.

Global harvest demand is expected reach record levels within 10 years, and this will require full utilization of the world’s forest resources. Lumber prices have already hit record levels in some regions, and could climb further. Labor and transportation costs are also on the rise. Many nations are erecting new trade barriers, and environmental problems threaten forests worldwide.

Prepare for these challenges with the World Softwood Sawlog Study.
This study provides:
  • 10-year sawlog price forecasts for all major producing regions
  • 10-year lumber price forecasts for eight countries
  • 10-year global forecasts for sawlog end-use markets
  • Country-level forest resource supply assessments
  • Identification of emerging trade patterns for lumber and logs
  • Historical and forward-looking price and market analysis

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